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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Much Plastic Trash Clogs the Ocean? Exhibit Offers Insights

Posted on theblogaqauatic from the Ocean Conservancy

How do you explain the magnitude of the ocean trash problem, particularly to people in a landlocked country like Switzerland? Put a representative sampling right in front of them.

Check out this video of a crew setting up an installation that’s part of the fantastic exhibit “Out to Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project” at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich, Switzerland (soon going on tour). You can see it took some time.

Unfortunately, every 15 seconds this same amount of trash enters the ocean, according to estimates from the United Nations Environment Programme.

The trash was shipped from the Hawaiian island of Kaho’olawe, where thirty volunteers spent just four days picking up this huge amount—3 tons. This massive pile includes things we all use every day, things that find their way to the water no matter where we live.

Once in the water, trash threatens everything from wildlife to coastal economies.
Learn more about the project on Facebook. And in the comments section below, consider listing one way you’ll reduce your trash today.

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